Pain Shouldn't Hold You From The People And Activities You Love.

If you're living with back or neck pain, it's probably preventing you from spending more time with family and friends, exercising and traveling, or doing the things that you enjoy. Our goal is bring you pain relief with the fastest recovery time and the least invasive treatment so that you can get back to those people and activities sooner.
Fullerton Surgery Center and its team of expert physicians helps people from the Chicagoland community get over their back and neck pain using minimally invasive procedures.

Why Minimally Invasive at Fullerton Surgery Center?

Minimally Invasive surgery uses a small incision to stabilize or decompress your spine. By using the latest in medical technology, such as the maxmorespine® system, we are able to avoid cutting muscles in your back, avoid using large amounts of medication, and will have you discharged within 24 hours.

Same-day Discharge

Less Scarring And Cutting

Local Anesthesia, Safer Procedure

Less Pain, Faster Recovery

Lower Risk Of Infection

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