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General Surgery

Here at Fullerton Surgery Center, our General Surgery section is staffed with highly educated, board certified, surgeons dedicated to quality patient care. These physicians are internationally recognized for their expertise and skill in their field, and take care to use the most advanced, minimally invasive techniques to address a range of medical problems.


Dr. Thomas Diniotis
Dr. Diniotis received his medical degree from the University of Athens and completed his residency at the University of Illinois.





Dr. Ryan Malcom
Dr. Malcom graduated from the University of Illinois, Chicago College of Medicine in 1996. As a general surgeon he treats everything from benign tumors to varicose veins.

Procedures Offered

Laser Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery


Breast Problems

Hernia Repairs

Vein Problems- Varicose Vein

Gallbladder Disease

Colon Problems

Stomach Problems

Thyroid Problems