Patient Resources

Patient Resources

We want you to be confident and comfortable as you prepare for and recover from surgery. If you have any questions or concerns, never hesitate to call us at 773.237.2900.


Follow this link to find information and downloadable forms covering benefits, financial policies, patient history and more. These forms will help us communicate in a more efficient and productive way, and ensure the best possible patient experience we can provide. Click here to view the available Patient Forms.

Before Visit:

We understand that there are going to be questions and concerns when it comes to surgery, and we want you to be assured that we’ve got it all under control. Visit our Before Visit page to find information regarding what to expect prior to the day of your surgery.

Day of Visit:

This page will address concerns about what exactly will happen on the day of your surgery. It will help you remember what, and what not to bring, and also walk you through what to expect once you arrive at the Fullerton Surgery Center, through registration, and up until the surgery itself. Click here for more on what to expect the Day of Your Visit.

After Your Visit:

What happens after your surgery, is just as important to us as your pre-surgical experience. We want help you recover with the best care possible, and be with you to answer any questions along the way. Visit the After Your Visit page for more information on what to expect once your home and healing.

Rights and Responsibilities:

Fullerton Surgery Center strives to provide you with every resource you may need. Curious

about your rights and responsibilities as a patient? Need our hours of operation or our scheduling/ cancellation procedures? Visit our Rights and Responsibilities page for those answers, or to voice any concerns you have about your overall experience.

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