Fullerton Surgery Center

Day of Your Visit

We understand the importance of knowing exactly what to expect when you visit us at Fullerton Surgery Center. Here are some helpful hints.

Have a surgery companion.

iStock_000019237789XSmallWe ask that on the day of your surgery, you arrive at Fullerton Surgery Center with a family member or trusted friend, 18 years or older. Your surgery companion will stay at the Surgery Center during your procedure, then join you in our recovery center, and finally, get you home safe and sound.


bringBe sure to bring…

Your surgery companion


              Insurance card


don't-bringWhat not to bring…

Small children

Any important valuables

              Makeup, nail polish, jewelry or body piercings


arriveUpon your arrival…

Please check in with our receptionist who will give you specific instructions concerning your visit. Be sure to have a photo ID and insurance card.

               Either before or after registering, we have you briefly relax in our
               idyllic patient waiting area.

               A nurse will let you know as soon as it is time for your procedure.


procedureYour procedure

Before you enter surgery, our staff will fully inform you about your procedure and answer any questions you may have. Then they’ll prepare you for surgery and accompany you to the operating room.

When our surgeons have finished your procedure, our nurses will take you to meet your surgery companion in the recovery area. Recovery times do vary, so we will carefully observe your progress and have you stay as long as necessary.


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