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Is white sugar really so unhealthy?

unhealthy white sugar

You’ve probably heard many times that the white sugar is bad for your health.

You probably wonder why this is so and how it has been scientifically proven?

Both conventional and alternative medicine agree that white sugar:

is a source of empty calories (does not contain minerals, nor vitamins, and is rich in calories)
promotes weight gain
causes tooth decay
has a high glycemic index (rapidly raises blood sugar levels)

However, alternative medicine goes further and links the consumption of white sugar with many diseases and health problems.

It is believed that white sugar:

extremely weakens the immune system
causes hyperactivity in children
increases the risk of cancer
draws B vitamins from the body
addictive (it is assumed that 95% of the population is addicted on sweets, or on sugar)
extracts many essential minerals (calcium, magnesium and others) from the body
causes diabetes, one of the dangerous diseases whose mortality is 2-3 times higher than in the healthy population
causes obesity and heart disease

What does the science say about of the claims of alternative doctors?

Conventional scientific studies have not yet confirmed that white sugar causes the above diseases, or that it draws vitamins and minerals from the body.

The lack of scientific proof of the harmfulness of sugar inspired many reputable organizations to publish its position on this issue:

“Claims that sugar can cause chronic diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc. hyperactivity. is not scientifically confirmed. Sugar can be part of a healthy diet. “- American Dietetic Association

So many reputable organizations such as the American Dietetic Association (ADA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) said they had no evidence that sugar is directly linked with any other disease except cavities.
But even decay, empty calories and high glycemic index are sufficient health threats that should encourage you to reduce the consumption of white sugar.

Practical tips:

instead of soft drinks and juices consume water
reduce the consumption of sweets
instead of two teaspoons of sugar that you put in your tea or other beverage, add one
Choose one day a week (for example, Sunday) when you’re allowed to eat chocolate, cake or soda
other days of the week, avoid these foods

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