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How to Make Your Coffee Healthy

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One of the healthy alternative is stevia, which is extremely low in calories

Fully discharge of sugar from the diet is the best way to combat addiction to sugar, but in most cases hardly feasible goal. Therefore, the best way to live without sugar treats you try to gradually reduce their intake to ensure the mental and physical adjustment of the organism to life without sweet “sedatives”. One of the effective ways is finding alternatives to ordinary sugar in particular while drinking coffee.

Stevia – the best choice

One of the healthy alternative is stevia, which is only a few years on the shelves of our store. Full name Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, this plant originating from Paraguay and Brazil, for centuries among the Indians enjoyed the status of a natural cure for diabetes, high blood pressure and wound healing. Stevia contains glycosides that stimulates pancreas to optimum, balances production and secretion of the hormone insulin, lowers total cholesterol levels and prevents and slowing the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Stevia is also popular because of the extremely sweet taste which is up to 400 times more intense than sucrose (sugar), wherein the energy has a negligible value.
Coconut palms sugar – a good choice

Sugar of the coconut palm will enrich every meal, coffee or dessert. It can be added to cereal or porridge. It is obtained from the sap of coconut flower. Coconut flower bud is cut by hand, and its juice is collected in a container. Then the juice is processed by heat until all the liquid has evaporated. The final product after the granulation process is coconut sugar that is light brown with a slight taste of caramel.

The biggest advantage of this sugar is low glycemic index because it contains inulin which is attributed to low GI that is between 35 and 54. For comparison between the GI of 70, refined white sugar has a GI 65-100. This sugar is traditionally used for cooking and sweetening in Indonesia, especially on the island of Java. Because of its unique taste, but also a lower glycemic index it is an excellent alternative to sugar derived from sugar cane and sugar beet.
Why brown sugar is not a good alternative to white?

Sucrose is obtained by extraction from sugar beet and sugar cane. While refined or white sugar undergoes full processing, brown sugar does not go through the whole process of refining so it is left with various plant pigments, some minerals and other plant remains. When we talk about healthier brown sugar, we are referring to the unrefined sugar. But what you can find in the stores under the “brown sugar” commonly sold, plain granulated sugar with added molasses for color. Such colored sugar does not offer any health benefits compared to white sugar.

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