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How to get rid of pain in the lower back with the help of simple exercises?

Some of you have certainly experienced that uncomfortable feeling – when the pain like a knife stabbed you in the lower back.

In some cases it can be very painful, lasts for days and prevents normal movement.

Back pain is most common in people aged 20-40 years and affects nearly 60% of the population.
The most common causes of pain in the lower back are:

Back injury
Pregnancy and childbirth
Excessive sitting
Lack of physical activity
Pressure on nerves (herniated disc, osteoarthritis, crooked spines)
Compression fracture (a result of strong pressure on the spongy bone)

The good news is that exercise can reduce, even completely remove the pain.

Below are some suggestions for practicing at home. (If you have serious health problems, before performing consult with our specialist Dr. James R.Diesfeld, M.D.)
Back pain experts often recommend Pilates exercises. They encourage proper posture, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and awareness of your own body.

I should note that Pilates – despite popular opinion – is not only for women. Men can practice Pilates and feel its beneficial effects on health.

When doing Pilates it is important to pay attention to deep breathing, high head carriage, maintaining symmetry and balance. Exercises are done slowly, gently, and do not cause pain that you pain.
Child pose in pilates

Kneel and sit down. Spread your knees, lean forward and slowly put your head between your knees so that his forehead touch the floor.

The arms can stretch out in front or behind. Stay in this position for a long time until you feel the muscle relaxation.


Stretching arms and legs in a kneeling position
Kneel and lean on your hands. Make sure that the spine is straight. Look down.

Inhale, extend your left arm and right leg, endure three breaths. Exhale and return to starting position. Repeat with the opposite arm and leg.


Position named cats and cows
Kneel and lean on your hands, spine may be straight, look down. The palms have to be below the shoulders and knees directly below your hips.

Breathe. Then, during exhalation belly crawl and bend back up as much as you can, like a cat.

From the position of cats go in position cows: inhale and slowly Screw back down, vertebra by vertebra. Lift your head. Abdominal muscles should be tightened in order to adhere to the lower back.

Repeat the exercise alternately from positions cats pose cows and vice versa.


Pose “Swimming”
Lie on your stomach. Extend your arms in front of you and draw the belly. Extend your arms and legs, lift them a little off the floor, looking down.

Now raise your left arm and right leg, hold for a few seconds this position. Repeat with the other leg and arm.

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