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15 Problems Caused by Sugar

If you like sweets, these are not good news for you. The World Health Organization has reduced in its latest health recommendations of the recommended daily dose of sugar. For an adult, a healthy person it is recommended about six teaspoons of sugar.

By comparison, one can of Coca Cola contains 1.3 ounces of sugar which is 7 teaspoons. Americans on average consume 22 teaspoons of sugar a day, which is almost four times more than the recommended dose of WHO. Large amount of sugar can be harmful to health and this fact has been known for a long time. London Professor John Yudkin in 1957, claimed that the main cause of heart disease is sugar, not fat.

What can happen if we eat too much sugar? Here is a list issued by the Business Insider:

1. Caries

2. Insatiability, constant hunger – the hormone leptin provides information about the body food satisfaction. Recent research has shown that the excessive intake of fructose leads to higher levels of leptin, which reduces the body’s sensitivity to this hormone.

3. Weight Gain

4. Insulin resistance – impaired ability to respond to insulin, a hormone that helps the body to “convert” food into energy

5. Diabetes

6. Obesity

7. Liver failure

8. Pancreatic Cancer

9. Kidney

10. High blood pressure

11. Heart Disease

12. Addiction

13. Dementia

14. Nutritional deficiencies

15. Gout


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